"Christmas in Spain" by Alejandra , 6B

Hello bloggers:
Christmas is a religius holiday in Spain. The country's Patron Saint is the Virgin Mary and the Christmas holiday begins on December the 8th because it´s  the day of  the Immaculate Conception.
The streets, gardens and trees  are decorated with the typical motifs and Christmas lihts. The shop windows are decorated with toys and gifts. At home the people put the Christmas tree and the nativity which consists of a mini representation of the birth of Jesus.
Another date very important is the Christmas Lottery day on the 22nd of December. The day that coincides with the start of the students holidays.
 We celebrated Christmas Eve the day before Christmas. It's know as Nochebuena or "The Good Night". It's a time for family members to enjoy this together. There are a lot of typical foods. The menu varies depending on the area of Spain, like suckling pig and lamb in Castile and Leon or seafood and fish on the coast. The dessert is normally turron and marzipan.
The date of the 28th December is the day of the Innocent saints. This day is for playing tricks with friends and family.
The day of New Year's Eve is the 31st of December. At night when the clock strikes twelve, spanish people eat one grape for each sounding of the bell, that according to the tradition guarantes twelve months of prosperity. Some people celebrated out with friends to celebrate in the street until the early hours of the morning.
Festivities end on the 6th January with the day of the Three Wise Kings, called Melchoir, Gaspar and Balthasar. It´s the best important date for children, because they bring presents for them. The night before, children leave their shoes on the windows or under the Christmas tree and fill them with food for the camels and water. The three Wise Kings, leave toys and presents and fill the shoes with sweets.
Bye Bye friends, I hope you enjoy!!!