Music Video Of The Day: SHINee (Day 98)

Since I missed yesterday, I suppose today would be a good day for a comparison. Thanks to a parody Replay is one of my favourite SHINee songs. Thanks to SM Entertainment (or is it EMI Music Japan?), it was redone in Japanese, when the SHINee boys were mostly legal.

What is there to say about them, other than the Japanese version has really cool winged shoes (and capri's that remind me of Ronald McDonald)? The dance is mostly the same. There is one female lead in both. SHINee are in both. I still can only connect Taemin's name and face (sorry Onew). The biggest difference is that they are trying to be cool now, whereas before they were mostly trying for cute and refreshing. It's probably a good change considering their ages, but I think SHINee is essentially a cutesy group so they need to keep that cutesy edge going.

And here are the contenders... er versions.

This is the parody Korean
And this is the Japanese version. Can you see the winged shoes?