We Got Married (Day 56)

Monday is review day here, and today I talk about the South Korean variety show We Got Married. The show has an interesting premise in that it didn't originally feature real married couples. Instead, celebrities were coupled and tried out the married life. They don't do anything kinky. What they do is move into an apartment, make supper, clean, go on dates, etc. The mundane things in life to be precise. And, it is strangely charming. It is cute to see the "couples" argue, try to get along, try to impress each other, and try to act couply. Then they confess things to the camera about how they actually crushed on their celebrity "spouse" as a young person, or about how they are trying to control them.  It's cute and kind of fluffy but it can be slow and somewhat annoying sometimes too. I give the show a solid 3.5 out of 5. It's worth watching, but it won't knock your socks off.

Since I'm feeling the groove of G-Dragon's Heartbreaker today, you don't have to listen to Shinee's Ring Ding Dong yet. My favourite part of Heartbreaker is the "chicka chicka chicka tae" part where he is funnily hopping. It makes me smile.

G-dragon has a lot of good outfits in this music video (including one where he looks like an android). They really match his platinum blonde hair. The outfits start out quite feminine and get more masculine as the music video goes on. Also note the original sin/temptation/apple reference at the beginning. It's very interesting imagery for the context of the song.