The Weather (Day 59)

Today's weather was a gongshow. In street lingo (because the street is where cool and hip people hang out), gongshow means ridiculous or epic or total letdown. In today's case, there was a wind warning. That's right, the wind was soooo fast that it deserved a warning.

This evening I drove my cousin to the airport. The trees were fluttering. The car reacted funnily to driving westward (due to the south wind). The lampposts were swaying. The street signs were moving. The traffic lights were moving in strange and dangerous ways. The construction signs were bent at a 35 degree angle. I got to contend with a rogue pylon which was weaving it's way into and out of traffic.  It was what one could call a "fun time", but in that lightly sarcastic tone. Fortunately the weather has improved since. It was interesting experiencing it.

I was going to post a random picture of some sewing project of mine, but am using the wrong computer for that. Therefore, you can watch this music video instead. It's by Boyfriend, the K-pop group whose first single was the similarly named song Boyfriend. Their song Don't Touch My Girl was featured on Youtube today. It's cute. In it one of the members looks like Nakamaru from KAT-TUN, and another member vaguely looks like a member of Fahrenheit (of Taiwan). Very multicultural looking there. There's yet another member that just seems really familiar, like his twin is in another idol group or something. Some of the dance moves don't match the positive beat of the song either, but in general, it is a pleasant music video.