The Quest For Perfect Government (Day 57)

I mislabelled today's topic. I think the quest for perfect government is futile but necessary, kind of like trying to improve the world. The real topic is voting.

Today was the provincial election in Manitoba. I think the equivalent elsewhere would be state/county elections. There were four options in general, and only three in my area.

Option 1: New Democratic Party. NDP. Been in power for awhile. Think that social services are important. Have really annoying ads.
Option 2: Progressive Conservative. Were in power in the 90's. Are slightly more business oriented than NDP. Have only slightly less annoying ads than the NDP.
Option 3: Liberal. Haven't been in power provincially since the 1950's. No one even knows what they represent anymore. People just know that they don't like the Liberals. Their advertisements are okay.
Option 4: Green. The new kids on the block. Have some good ideas. Have some really bad ideas. Failed to present how most of their ideas would actually function. Not represented in my riding.

So, with that selection, I had a really hard decision on my hands. Would I vote for a party who had been annoying me for what felt like the last two months, or would I vote for a party represented by someone I didn't want to vote for? This is a cynical way to look at it, no? Their cumulative promises were all about equal, but the Liberals, having annoyed me the least, if at all, eventually won out. I know they won't win, which I appreciate, but at least future campaigning dollars will not be going to the annoying advertisers. Maybe next time I will use the 'decline' option.

It's hard to vote on prepackaged plans, with options that you do and don't agree with all mixed together. If it were possible, it would be nice to vote on the actual issues presented, and then pick a representative to fulfill the people's wishes based on how much we like and trust the person.

Today's music video is SHINee's Ring Ding Dong, mostly because I mentioned it yesterday. SHINee is one of those groups whom I appreciate for their music and cheesy music videos. They are a little too young for me to crush on, and I doubt that I'd want to anyway. They are all so fresh faced.

There are several solid outfits in this video, including the one that looks kind of like scales. I like the wing theme as well.