Thanksgiving and SS501 (Day 60)

To all the people who read this who haven't been my friend for 13 years, I'm impressed that you can follow along/are interested enough in what I'm saying to read this.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. That means chicken, ham, potatoes, leaf raking, and relatives. I enjoy this time of year mostly for the food and the time spent outdoors. Even though the weather isn't that great, it is really nice to be in open air doing something useful (raking) with Grandma. It's nice to eat her cooking and sit around listening to relatives talk about the important issues of the day. I'm also glad that Thanksgiving is in a month that is still relatively warm. November would be no good for going outside since it is about freezing then with little to no snow; aka, cold and unnattractive. That was a misuse of a semicolon.

Last week I thought of something really clever to write on Sunday, but by now I have forgotten it. Since tomorrow I will be at Grandma's, that would have been written HERE. I don't think you want me to make something up though, so I'll leave it be for this week.

Today's music video is SS501's Love Like This. It is from their Rebirth album, which I am guessing is their second one. SS501 is the group I most often confuse with Super Junior when listening to music. They have a high tenor who sounds like Ryeowook and a similar music style so I think that throws me off a little. The leader(?) of SS501 was in the Korean dramas Boys Over Flowers and Playful KissLove Like This features flesh toned t-shirts, a group member who became more attractive, and the "skipping dance" which takes all of half a second. SS501 is one of the groups I pretend to dislike, mostly because I skip their bad songs and confuse their good songs with Super Junior songs.