Music Videos I Never Thought I'd Be Posting (Day 58)

Today is for music videos I never thought I'd be posting.

The first one is Mother Mother's The Stand. Someone I know pasted it on Facebook and I thought it looked interesting so I watched it. Gotta say that it is intriguing and captivating, even with the thinly veiled sexual references and cursing. I like the way the people don't react, and the way the pictures swirl on the wall. I find the song to be very catchy as well, which I also find kind of sad since the lyrics aren't all I'd like them to be.

The second one is a Tony Bennet an Lady Gaga duo. They sing The Lady is a Tramp. The music video is not very interesting at all, but the song is quite solid. It's nice to see something old school come out of Lady Gaga. It's a pretty fun duet. I also found out about this one through Facebook.