Music Video of The Day: Paradise (Day 76)

I was bumming around on Kpop Mondays by martinaandsimon on Youtube when I clicked on this video. Turns out, it's so good it gets to be posted before the topic of the day. Woot.

Infinite put out a new song in September that I liked on the first listen...and the second. The song starts out with some 80's beats and them smooths into a more modern mix of music. Infinite likes their artsy metaphorical music videos, and they have made this song into such a video. In this one, a nameless woman is walking around depressed and cannot see the seven gorgeous men (in nice suits) being depressed with her. I think she's cleaning out the old relationship, but that's just my theory.

For a music video with very little movement, it remains interesting. The lighting and camera angles provide dynamic movement while the lack of person movement allows you to focus on Infinite's attractive faces and well made suits. The worst part of it is the worrying that the fake smoke will hurt their vocal chords.

So here is Paradise by Infinite of Woolim Entertainment...with fan made subs. You get the benefit of knowing what the words mean. I hope that doesn't change the enjoyment of the music video.