Catch Up (Day 61)

I totally skipped yesterday by accident. Yesterday's topic, decided at 11:15 PM, was supposed to be a review of the 90's board game Don't Be A Dork. There's not much to say about it other than Don't Be A Dork seemed to be a game determined to make fun of nerds, which not having any really nerdy content. The game's questions were random and self-referring, all the while trying to insult the players for playing the game in the first place. The game's art style was unnattractive in both colour scheme and picture style, as well as repetitiveness. The path one was to follow was demeaning to nerds and full of bad puns. Basically, Don't Be A Dork was a big letdown. It sounded fun, but wasn't really. That's why we sanded down the board and started to make a new game out of it almost right away. There was no point in torturing other people by giving it back to the second-hand store. Don't Be A Dork gets a 0 out of 5.

The new game made from the old board will be about collecting a hope chest in a creature filled world so that you can get married. Players will need to collect 5 furniture, 5 food, and 3 weapons before they can tie the knot and win the game. This is what happens when you get women who want to get married and women who are nerds brainstorming.

Today I was going to comment on the threats of less funding for the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (?). CBC is part of Canada's culture. We've had it almost as long as there was tv. As a land with very little culture of its own, I think it is important to protect the culture that we have developed. CBC is part of that. They have had bad historical dramas for years and years (which we secretly enjoy). They have had wonderful comedies for years and years (which are important to our culture). They used to show random stuff like Cirque du Soliel and figure skating when I was a child. CBC was the reason I knew anything about politics before becoming an adult. I even watched the referendum (vote on Quebec seperation) on it (pretty sure). CBC is also the holder and promoter of some "high culture", just like the Cirque du Soliel I mentioned before. They have two radio stations, one of which I know involves talking about and listening to classical music (an artform that hopefully never dies). High culture is not something that really pays for itself, but is important to society anyway, and therefore it is left to government to make sure that we have it. I guess that I don't really have a point here, but it is kind of insulting/disappointing to see threats of funding decreases to an organization that promotes and is, of itself, part of culture. This is not even mentioning that some hockey players want to sue Don Cherry, that Canadian icon, for insulting them. Don Cherry is like that grandpa that says horrible things about everybody. No one pays attention to it anymore. Some people even like it because he says what he believes and that act in itself is refreshing.

Today's music video is SS501's Love Ya. Love Ya is impressive in a number of ways. First, it incorporates violins to be classy. Then at 0:23 seconds the real song starts, with dynamic dance moves(like the jump), dark lighting, and an intense feel to the song. I find it amusing that the backs of the suit jackets are cut out, making them "sexy" outfits since the member's backs are showing. The incorporation of backup dancers improves the general quality of the music video as well, without being distracting.  Another consideration is that SS501 is the only group I know of where the member's have different management companies. That means that several companies worked together to create this product, for the nth time, instead of being petty and focusing on their star's popularity. Here it is.