"Halloween" by Alejandra, 6 B

Hi classmates!.
This is Halloween. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st. Is the one night of the year where ghosts, witches and fairies are specially active. Many others countries in Europe and around the world celebrate Halloween. In Scotland and Ireland, traditional Halloween customs include children dressing up.
Halloween comes from the Celtic tradition. They believed the spirits of dead people come alive! Halloween imagery includes themes of death, evil, the ocult or mythical monsters. Black and orange are holiday's traditional colors.
Many families carve pumpkins together. They cut a face in a pumpkin with a knife.They put a candle in the pumpkin to make it light up. This is called a Jack-o-Lantern. They put a Jack-o-Lantern in a window so everybody can see it.
Many people also dress up in costumes. Costumes can be scary or funny. Halloween costumes are traditionally figures such as monsters, ghosts, skeletons, witches and devils.
Children "Trick or Treat" in their Halloween costumes. They go to a door and knock. When it opens they scream... TRICK OR TREAT! Sometimes they say; TRICK OR TREAT SMELL MY FEET GIVE ME SOMETHING GOOD TO EAT! They got candies from each house or apartament!
There are several games traditionally associated with Halloween parties. One common game is dunking or apple bobbing, in which apples float in a tub or a large basin of water and the participants must use their teeth to remove an apple from the basin.
In Halloween, the typical food are candy apples, caramel or taffy apples, made by rolling whole apples in a stick sugar syrup. Happy Halloween for everybody! Look out with the ghosts!!