Sunday's Pretentious Lessons Continue (Day 40)

Some things.

1) Yesterday I wrote that the only difference between myself and a 13 year old girl was that I had a college education. Yesterday I also met a 13 year old who proved that statement. Why was she so comfortable chilling with adults? And she didn't like pop music? I think this young person will grow up to be cool, but right now she's just making me feel immature.

2) This summer I have been inspired in church to write about certain topics in this blog, and then backed out of them, because I don't like looking like a hypocrite. I don't want people to hate me, and I have an irrational fear that being spiritual is one of those things that makes people hate you. I have since forgotten said topics, but I shall try to post them when I feel they are pertinent.

3) How To Be Pretentious
Today's lesson is about how to drink hot beverages. First remember the all important pinky. It should stick our when you hold a mug or tea cup. So hold it out. Practice this for five minutes a day. It has to look natural when you pick up a mug and your pinky sticks out. Second, if you are drinking tea, you might have a tea cup. These come with saucers. The saucer should leave the table with the tea cup, aka. you hold the saucer, and then take the tea cup with your other hand, pinky outstretched, in order to drink. There should never be more than a foot between the tea cup and the saucer. Practice this as well. You should be natural at being hoity toity, otherwise it is not worth bothering. Then, if people ask why you are being hoity toity, you can condescend them and tell them that this is the proper way to drink tea/coffee.

4) Feel Good Music Video of the Day
Today's video is Billie Piper's She Wants You. This music video has two different versions, each a fabulous time. However, I personally think the dance version is better.