Day 7b: Waxing Philosophical


Today's topic is beauty. I was taking a walk today and thinking about how beauty is often experienced one dimensionally. You can see beauty in a field, but if you feel that field or walk in that field, it does not feel beautiful. You can hear beautiful music, but you can neither see nor feel it (although actually some people can see or smell music. I saw it on a documentary.). You cannot touch a person's inner beauty, and if you try to touch their outer beauty it doesn't feel the way it looks. They may also think you are a creeper and kick your butt. Thus it is that beauty is experienced in one dimension. Perhaps, I thought today, in heaven beauty will have multiple facets of experience. Maybe we will be able to experience all the aspects of beauty. Maybe the field will feel as beautiful as it looks.

Those are my serious thoughts. Now for frivolity.

The "feel-good music video of the day" is Balloons by TVXQ of S.M. Entertainment. It is supposed to be a happy, cute song. Plus, the members are in funny animal costumes. I, personally, choked on my laughter during the first 30 seconds. TVXQ is also known as DBSK, also known as toho shinki, also known and Dong Bang Shin Ki. TVXQ has had over 5 million pictures taken of them and their fan club has the most members of any fan club in the world. TVXQ used to have five members, but three of them left so now it's just U-know and Max. U-know (the one in the tiger costume) has the funniest popstar name of any of the K-pop groups I listen to. Enjoy.