Day 28: Super Junior Day

...I was lying about Super Junior Day. I would like to note though, that I was reading Life Is Too Short to Learn German, the blog, and what videos did the broken youtube connection have but a Music Core (a South Korean show) clip with Super Junior in it and Super Junior's Mr. Simple. And it wasn't Youtube recognizing my ISP either. I hope this indicates that Super Junior is getting more popular, especially since Heechul is expected to join the army in September, and Leeteuk is expected to join next year. I want them to stick around even though they are loosing members like a sieve leaks water. On the bright side, Kangin will be back within the year with his smooth voice. Since I'm gushing over Super Junior anyway, I'll give my own summary of who the members are, trying to do it from oldest to youngest, because I know that sort of thing.

Leeteuk - Not his real name, but it sort of has become it. According to tv, he likes a woman 7 years his junior and no one finds this creepy. Apparently I don't either, because it didn't affect his spot as my 2nd favourite.

Heechul - The one we make fun of for being girly. At one point he was my 3rd favourite.

Hankyung - My favourite. He left the group just as I was discovering them. His handsomeness and calmness shine most when he is surrounded by attractive men, and I don't know why that is.

Yesung - Also not his real name. Yesung means good singer, and that is accurate. Yesung also composes music and he used to be really cute at around age 20 when he wore hipster dufus glasses.

Sungmin - The guy who looks like everybody else. He seems like a sweat heart.

Shindong - The chubbiest member. Has received a lot of flak for that, which is too bad because he is a really good dancer, is funny, and seems really nice. He also has a longtime girlfriend and thus has real relationship skills. I really appreciate that he is in Super Junior, because no other K-pop group has anyone even near his girth (or mine of 36 inches), and it is good for the people to be represented.

Kangin - He got sent to the army early. He has a pleasing voice and is the reason for the parody line "I just look fat because I am filled with awesome."

Eunhyuk - My 3rd favourite member. He is a great dancer, and used to be really cutesy. He is also what I would consider to be the main rapper.

Donghae - My cousin's favourite member because he looked like Kamenashi Kazuya. I would say that Donghae in general is very popular.

Siwon - He is called the horse of the group because he works out and is muscular. He acted in Oh! My Lady.

Ryeowook - Teeniest member with the highest voice. He just recently got a lot manlier then he used to be. Like a lot.

Kyuhyun - My least favourite member, a lot due to his great popularity and the fact that he is younger than myself. He was a math olympian, and likes video games. I think we'd get along well in real life.

Kibum - Looks kind of like Donghae, but with a smoother and cuter face. Actor.

Henry - Not a member of Super Junior, but of Super Junior M. He can in theory speak four or five different languages, play several instruments, mix music, dance, and sing. He would defeat Justin Bieber in a competition between popstars who are Canadian (or who started that way anyway).

Zhoumi - I'm not sure where he goes in the list. He is the current leader of Super Junior M, as Hankyung is gone. He is 6'2" and very trim so he looks super tall. He seems like a nice guy.

Today's video is of course Super Junior. I choose Superman since it is the most recent one out. However, it starts with a picture of Siwon in his underpants, something I had never wanted to see. Why SMENT, why? It is also a clips movie. A better one is One Love, since it has cosplay and all 13 members.