Day 24: Coolness Points Countdown

I wrote the coolness points yesterday. Today what I have to say is that I realllllly appreciate that no member of Super Junior resembles in any way either G-Dragon or T.O.P. from Big Bang. I say this because I just watched a music video by yet another boyband where one or more member looks like G-Dragon or T.O.P. That makes the list U-Kiss, ZE:A, Beast/B2ST, and probably some other ones. I know they have pretty faces, but when five popstars have similar faces, that face is no longer unique.
For those of us, like myself, that often feel like failures, today is a think about stuff you can do day. Since we all have our cool points, today is the coolness points countdown. You get points for every impressive, cool, or interesting thing you do. Here's my list. Feel free to add to it.
And now the list. You get points if you...
  • Have a cool or impressive job (or you just love it) (5 pts)

  • Speak a different language (5 pts per language)

  • Have travelled (1 pt per state/province/county in country. 5 pts per country out of country)

  • Have learned how to dance (4 pts per dance)

  • Have a productive hobby (5 pts per hobby)

  • Volunteer (5 pts per place)

  • Don't care what others think of your taste in music (5 pts)

  • Have fixed something mechanical (5 pts)

  • Like both fashion and other things (5 pts)

  • Read for fun (5 pts)

  • Have achieved something you previously thought impossible (10 pts)

  • Make friends where ever you go (5pts)

  • Can cook (10 pts)

  • Think that you look good (3 pts)

  • Have learned things from television (3 pts)

  • Have gone to another country to see your favourite singer perform (5 pts)

  • Still use snail mail (3 pts)

  • Dress in a confident way (3 pts)

  • Are kind and considerate to others (15 pts)

  • Use French cooking terms correctly (5 pts)

  • Have a medieval outfit in your closet (3 pts) 

I get 95 points. How about you?

Today's "music video" was  going to be BOA's Did Ya (fan made), but instead the more cheerful La la la by Big Bang of YG Entertainment it will be. Apparently they have two songs called La la la because the one I was thinking of was more romantic, kind of a "I want you back" song. Well, whatever. This gives you a chance to see G-Dragon and T.O.P. as young people.