Day 23: Mm-Bop

Why does it feel like the only good ideas for blogging come after you have blogged? It's like you are supposed to wait until a particular brilliant idea hits and then you are supposed to leap onto the computer and jot it all down while you feel intelligent and witty.

Well I don't work like that. There is limited time when both the computers are free and I am not busy.

The "feel-good music video of the day" is Shady by Sistar of Starship Entertainment. The first reason this is a good music video is that the record company is named after starships. ...I'm kidding. My actual first reason to like this video is that Heechul of Super Junior is Sistar's communal boyfriend. He is super cute at 0:36-37. I originally saw this with english subs too, and the meaning is really cute. They act cute/scared/drunk/wear high heels because they like him (and want him to like them) and that somehow makes them shady girls. Personally, I think everybody tries to act well for the person they like.

Side Note: In South Korea right now, super short skirts and shorts are modest. It is cleavage and shoulders that are immodest. That's why you see so many sleeved mini dresses there.