Day 18: What Great Big Eyes You Have

Hey there,

Today, there is no chosen topic, so I will refer to my suggestion list. Yes, I did write out a suggestion list for myself. I'm a nerd like that. While looking for my list though, I had to replace it as a bookmark, and what did I use as a replacement? Canadian Tire money.

For reference, Canadian Tire is a big box car/garden/sport/home improvement type store. When you buy something there, they give you fake money which is redeemable only at their stores. I think that Canadian Tire money makes great bookmarks. It's thin, it feels luxurious because you are wasting "money" by using it as a bookmark, and it's roughly the right shape (rectangular). I also think it's more interesting than complaining about cutting a 2 metre by 90 inch (2 1/2 metre?) piece of fabric into 6 1/2 inch (25 cm?) strips.

In honour of Canadian Tire, I looked for a ballad about them. There wasn't one, so I found the next best thing. Kim Mitchell's Patio Lanterns.  Apparently most Canadians know it, even if they don't think they do. Note: this song is from the 80's.