Day 17: Argh!

Hey All,

I have learned recently that all my good ideas for blogging come at night. However, at that point, I couldn't be bothered to go online and write them up, so I sit and hope that I remember them the next day. This failing due to forgetfulness, or the idea not seeming as cool, you are sitting there suffering because my schedules don't fit. Apologies. Apologies. I did read something interesting the other day though. The particular article I read was "If Male Superheroes Posed Like Wonder Woman" on Mommyish, but the original concept came from Bleeding Cool. I think the pictures are pretty entertaining, and the article interesting. The original picture that is being talked about is pretty conservative for comics though, especially compared to manga.

In honour of cartoons everywhere, the music video for today is Hate You by 2NE1 of YG Entertainment. I think it's a little slack, and they should have kicked more butt, but I like that the entire music video is animated.