Day 14ish: Nerd Jargon

First off, thanks to that person in Germany who read this blog twice. Danke.

And speaking of German class, the geography we learn in Canadian schools is embarrassing. I learned more of the world map in German class than I ever did in geography. I did memorize the 50 US states and their capital cities though. Why? What use is that to me? The lack of world geography in schools is probably why one of my high school friends thought that Italy was a continent...and Deleware was a country in Scandinavia. Embarrassing.

Anyway, today is about Dungeons and Dragons. If you are someone who plays and enjoys D&D, you might come to say, a locked door. Being someone who plays and enjoys D&D, you would want to do a check (either you want to break said door, or pick the lock, and you need to check if you are able to do so). To check if you can break the lock (not in real life. Please don't do that in real life), you will need your d-20 (a 20 sided die. In D&D dice are always referred to by the number of sides they have, and have the cool code name "d".). You roll. You get a 10. You don't break through the door. Shucks. Your foray into D&D has failed. Better luck next time.

You have however, just learned the terms "check", and "d-20". These are important terms is you ever want to be a super nerd, a part of the elite of nerdom, a player of the epitomy of nerdiness - D&D. There's even songs about it. One I like is Tonight(D&D) by Allie Goertz(?). I think it captures the essence of D&D and those that love it.