Day 13: Um....

It's Monday. Monday is review day. Isn't it?

Unlike someone with red hair, I don't have witty insightful reviews. What I do have though, is an interest in juvenile movies. Movies whose plots include poop.

Today's review: Attack on the Pin-up Boys
Attack on the Pin-up Boys is the Super Junior movie, made sometime around 2007. Main characters are baby-faced Kibum, cool dancer-man Donghae, girly-man Heechul (who is great in this movie), judo-master Kangin, and the "nerd" Siwon. Siwon, by chance, looks rather more muscular than nerdy. Plot line: someone is attacking beautiful men with poop, and ironically increasing their coolness. Who could this poop thrower be?

I would say the biggest flaw in the movie was the way they built a movie around a boyband, which meant a weak plotline, potentially weak acting, and wierd gags (which are mostly satisfying). The second biggest flaw was that my favourite member (Hankyung) was in the movie for all of 15 seconds, probably owing to his bad Korean skills. Kyukyun is not in the movie at all due to a horrific car accident, but I don't care about that. His fangirls probably did though.

Attack on the Pin-up Boys had some positive aspects. It made fun of bishounens (pretty boys), involved people desiring poop to be thrown at them in order to increase their popularity, and had a giant pair of teeth in it. It also had a lot of inside jokes about Super Junior. Classy act there director. Classy act. I especially liked the part where Siwon has special powers, by which I mean the part where Heechul tries to take off his pants in order to become more cool. Those two scenes being totally unrelated, I give this movie a 3.5 out of 5. I have seen the movie three times and wouldn't mind if someone gifted it to me. However, if you don't like South Korean pop culture, or poop, don't bother watching it. You would probably be disappointed.

In order to relate to said movie, Attack on the Pin-up Boys, the "feel-good music video of the day" is Wonder Boy by Super Junior of S.M. Entertainment. At one point I heard that the movie was made to promote the song, and, I wouldn't be surprised. Many successful movies, movies more successful than Attack on the Pin-up Boys, were made to sell a product. Remember the cartoon Transformers, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to the surprise of its producers, did better than the Wonka Bars it was intended to sell. I think in this case, the product/well beloved group did better than the movie. Enjoy.