Day 11: David Bisbal is great

Greetings and Salutations,

David Bisbal is great. He spins. He kicks. He twirls. He air bands. I first learned about him in 2005, when a dorm mate introduced me to his Buleria album. We all thought that it was sexy music, but not too sexy. It was just good to listen to. Fast forward several years. Youtube was a big deal. I got on Youtube, and, for the first time, typed in David Bisbal. What met my eyes was a cornecopia of amazing cheese and wonder. Immediately I stopped taking David Bisbal seriously. I went over to my friend's house and showed her, and we embarked on the most crazy ride of David Bisbal Youtube videos ever seen, which includes the two where he and Bustamante wear gold lame(sic) dresses, and their epic Dimelo showdown.

Well, that time has passed. Heady days of laughing and smiling and watching David Bisbal. One thing remains. Ave Maria is our favourite feel-good music video by David Bisbal, and we dearly enjoy most of his other videos. However, Ave Maria is not today's "feel-good music video of the day". Today it is 24 Horas by David Bisbal featuring Espinoza Paz. The woman in it reminds me of Martha from Doctor Who, except that she is nothing like Martha from Doctor Who, and so should not remind me of anyone. Sigh. Well, enjoy.