Day 10: I forgot what I was going to write about


So I forgot my plan of what to write about. Today is going to be filled with cooking, eating, and D&D so there isn't really time to remember either. And, I wrote out something, only for it to not be saved and accidentally deleted. What madness! I was going to write out my celebrity stats. In South Korea, they include name, Chinese name, Japanese name?, English name, nicknames, date of birth, place of birth, siblings, height, weight, blood type, hobbies, education, and other. As a fan, I like to know these sorts of things, but as a Canadian, I feel like that is kind of an invasion of their privacy. Canada is all about privacy. Our politicians (celebrities) lead relatively quiet, private lives, and we don't dive into them, even if we know that they had a child with person X while cheating on their wife and followed that by leaving their wife for person X.

Having given an example, you can probably see how knowing such intimate details as weight would seem invasive to a Canadian. Celebrities are people too.

That tangent of a rabbit trail over, it's time for the "feel-good music video of the day". Today it is Digale by David Bisbal of ValeMusic. Digale is from David Bisbal's first album and includes such wonderful things as him randomly stabbing the ground with a sword, and, even better, and alternate ending included at the end. It's like a bad fantasy movie. While I personally enjoy David Bisbal very much, I don't really like this music video. I think there's too much romantic rolling on the ground, or not enough of a cogent storyline or somesuch. You may enjoy it though. It's twice as popular as Ave Maria which is my favourite.