''Cíes Islands''by Marianela, 5C

Come with us and discover Cíes Islands near Vigo.The three Cíes Islands are part of the Islas Atlánticas National Park, which protects one of Spain’s most beautiful and ecologically important natural landscapes. Surrounded by turquoise-colored waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands’ cliffs, white sand beaches, dunes, pine forests and crystal-clear lagoon make it easy to see why the Romans called the Cíes Islands “the islands of the Gods.” .British newspaper, The Guardian, has named the Playa de Rodas, in Galicia, as the Best Beach in the World.The beach is part of the Cíes Islands National Park.
You can go the beach. You can play volleyball on the beach.You can sleep in a tent.You can eat tasty Food.You can swim.You can see the stars. You can see the mountains. You can enjoy the crystal water.Holiday start from 22nd June.