I can make your storm feel sky blue.

If my grammar/spelling/blogging is even more off key than normal I blame Pharell.
Hypnotized. I am.

Now for the sights and sounds of Sunday:

My favourite line from Tom Waits 'Green Grass'.
'Don't say goodbye to me, describe the sky to me'.

At Miramar the clouds looked photoshopped to the sky.

We found a terminator inspired ticket machine.

View to the left on my train seat.

The view to the right.

Some creatures lurking outside Piolho.

1. A depressed skunk.

A pigeon wearing flares.

And on a different note altogether....

One of my all time favourite fashion campaigns. Although fairly old now, these Steven Klein for Dolce and Gabbana snapshots of Madonna's fake mafiosa family are witty, intimidating and have made me fall head over heels for black and white photography.

Madonna at her best since 'Get into the Groove', pretty much the sound track to my Erasmus.


Get me to Naples.