"A Coruña, the city of glass " María, 5B

Hi, visitors!.
I live in A Coruña. It´s a city in the north west of Galicia, Spain. It´s by the sea. It is located on an istmus and a small peninsula.
There are four cinemas. There are many shopping centers. It is the biggest shopping center in Spain and the third in Europe: Marineda City.
You can see the Tower of Hercules:the world´s oldest functioning lighthouse of roman origins, the city´s symbol and a World Heritage Sight.
There is a beautiful Town Hall in Maria Pita square. There are lots of parks: The park of Santa Margarita, the park of Eiris... There are many beaches. And there are lot of libraries in the city.
There isn´t a fun fair , There isn´t a wax museum, There aren´t skycrapers. But it doesn´t matter. It´s the best city in the world.
See you!.