"A Coruña"by Belén 5B


This is my town.I live in A Coruña.It´s a city in the north west of Galicia,Spain. It´s by the Atlantic Ocean. It´s a blue and white city. The city is well- known for its characteristic glazed window balconies, called galerías. Here it is the Tower of Hercules, a Roman lighthouse that still nowadays helps the sailors find the way to the port.There is a beautiful Town Hall in María Pita Square.There are many shopping centers.There is the biggest shopping in Spain:Marineda City.There is a promenade.There are many beautiful museums:the Domus, Museum of Fine Arts, the Science Museum.In A Coruña there is a huge port that is full of boats.
I live near San Pedro Hill, it´s a very beautiful park and you can see all the city ,the sea, and Ferrol.
In A Coruña there are celebrations in August. An important holiday is on the night of San Juan, celebrated with a massive fireworks celebration, parade, bonfires, music, dancing , sardines and bread. It´s the welcome to summer, and its celebration takes place during the shortest night of the year.

See you!.