"My City, A Coruña" Federico , 5C

Hi! Friends.
I live in A Coruña. Coruña is in the northwest of Galicia, Spain. It is on an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.
There are many important monuments here like the tower of Hercules. The Tower of Hercules is a lighthouse that it was built when Trajan was Emperor. I like the Town Hall , there´s a fine collection of statues, pictures and other works of art.
There are lots of shopping centres, here it is the biggest shopping centre in Spain.
There are lots of music shops.
There are lots of beautiful churches.
There are lots of museums: Domus, The House of Science, Belas Artes Museum.The House of Science is an interactive scientific museum. The Domus, the museum of Man, was designed by a japanese architec.
There is a football stadium.
There are lots of cinemas.
I think that A Coruña is the best city in the world.