" Brigantium " by Alejandra Reíllo , 5B

Hello classmates!!.
A coruña is the town where I live. It's a city in he north west of Galicia, Spain. It's by the Atlantic Ocean. Its Roman name was Brigantium.
There are a lot of monuments in A Coruña.The most important is The Tower of Hercules, an ancient Roman lighthouse that is about 2, 000 years old.
Another important monument is the Castle of St. Antón.

There are many churches too: St. James church in the Old City, the Santa Barbara's convent and Saint George church.
There are many museums: the Aquarium Finisterrae, the Domus and the Science's house.
There are many shopping centers. There is the biggest shopping center in Spain: Marineda City. There are four cinemas.
There are a lot of beautiful beaches like Riazor beach, Orzan beach, St. Amaro beach.

There are many schools like Emilia Pardo Bazan school. There are universities too. There are sports centres . There is an airport: Alvedro.
A Coruña is a small city situated in Galicia.

Watch the video " vivamos como galegos" subtitled in English. Don´t worry, que maloserá.I think it´s fun. I hope you like it.