" A Coruña" by Marta, 5A

Hello my friends!!! I'm going to describe A Coruña, my town.
Coruña has got beautiful beaches like Riazor,Orzan or Santa Cristina.
A Coruña has got parks¡.Lots of parks!.
In A Coruña we can find a lot of monuments.The most famous is the Tower of Hercules.It is a roman lighthouse and it is more than two thousand years. In the center of the city there is the city hall, it is in Maria Pita square.Maria Pita was a very important woman in the history of the city.
There are many good restaurants in A Coruña.
And there are lot of libraries in the city.
The people from A Coruña is very kind.I like to live in A Coruña.
It is a very ,very good city.