" MY DAIILY ROUTINE" by Lucía , 5B

Hello classmates!!
I'm Lucía.This is my daily Routine:
-I get up at 8:00.
-I have a shower.
-I have my breakfast.
-I brush my teeth and comb my hair.
-I get dressed.
-I go to school by car at 8:45
- I start school lessons at 9:00.
-I study.
-At 11:30 I go to break-time and play with my friends.
-At 2:00 I finish classes and I go home by car.
-At 2:50 I have lunch and after I do my homework in my bedroom.
-After lunch, I watch "Disney Channel" on TV.
-Sometimes I go to park and play with my friends in the swings.
-I play with my games in my bedroom.
-I have dinner at 9:00.
-I go to bed at 10:25.
See you classmates!!!!!