"Easter" by Anxo, 5C

Hello kids!!!
This is my post about Easter in English speaking countries.
Easter is a Christian holiday, celebrated in the spring.On Easter Sunday, many families go to church.On Easter Sunday, people wear beautiful Easter bonnets.On Easter, some cities have an Easter Day Parade.People dress in nice clothes and walk in the parade to celebrate and enjoy the holiday.Many people wear their Easter bonnets to the parade.During Easter,we see colorful Easter eggs.Easter eggs are hand painted, or dyed.Painting and dying Easter eggs is a lot of fun!.The eggs are put into beautiful Easter baskets.One activity done with the Easter eggs is an Easter eggs hunt.Another activity is an Easter egg roll.On Easter,we see the easter Bunny!.The Easter Bunny is said to bring, baskets filled with colored eggs,candy and toys to the homes of children on the night before Easter.On Easter,we eat Easter candy.Chocolate Easter bunnies are a delicius treat!.Jelly beans are another traditional Easter candy treat.During Easter,we also see baby chicks.The Easter holiday contains many items that symbolize the beginning of the spring season.I like Easter very much. The best thing I like is the Easter eggs.