What do you do everyday? by Paula C, 5A

Hi, my friends!!
What do you do everyday?.
In the morning
I get up at eight o´clock.
I wash my face.
And at quarter past eight I have breakfast.
I brush my teeth.
And comb my hair.What a pain!.
Then I walk to school.
School stars at nine o´clock.
At school I study.
In the afternoon
At two o´clock I go home.
At three o´clock I eat with my parents.
Then I do my homework.
Everyday I prepare music classes.
Then I go to extra activities for example: basketball, English classes and music classes.
At ten to six I have tea.

In the evening
At seven o´clock, sometimes I play with my friends and sometimes I play computer games.
At ten to eight I have a bath or a shower.
Then, at quarter past eight, I have dinner.
At half past eight I read a book.
At nine o´clock I watch TV.
At night
And at half past nine I go to bed.
Sssshhhhh!I´m sleeping.

I hope you like my post!!!
Bye, class!.