Stressed Out Anyone?

Unlike some people, I don't pretend to have my shit together. The truth is I'm usually chasing my tail and the majority of the time, it is my own damn fault. Take right now for instance. It's 11pm on a school night and I'm on the internet. It's really gonna suck to wake up at 6am having gone to bed at midnight. Yes, I know. Entirely my fault. Self imposed stressed.

So it's no surprise that with report cards due, I'm totally behind. The following dream is the result of said stress.

I'm teaching math. I turn my back on the class to write something on the board and when I turn around I find that the students have totally rearranged their desks. They are all sitting next to their friends and talking really loud. I become enraged and tell them to move their desks back. But they won't.

"Fine!" I shout, "I'll just do it then. Get out of the way!"

I start to move the desks back, but then I realize that the students have cleverly taken off their name tags, so I have no idea whose desk is whose. Also, I just can't get the desks to move where I want them to! All this desk moving is getting me hot, so I take off the sweater I'm wearing.

Just then, my assistant principal walks in and asks, "Where are your students?"

I look around and realize that they all left the room and I have no idea where they are. Then I look down and realize that I had nothing on underneath my sweater and I've been moving around the desks totally topless!

I told this dream to my friends Jamie. She cracked up when I got to the topless part. Guess it wasn't bad enough that my entire class turned on me and then I lost them all. I had to be naked too.

Hopefully one day I'll learn to stop shooting myself in the foot and not leave things till the last minute. Unlikely. But the thought comforts me. I could be that teacher whose report cards are done 3 weeks before they are due. I could be that super efficient, organized, fabulous, skinny mom whose mini-van floor is not covered in crushed up Goldfish crackers. Maybe, but not this week. And next week is not looking so good either :)