"Atlantic puffins" by Óscar 5ºC

These animals are Atlantic puffins.
Atlantic puffins are black and white with a red and black beak.
Atlantic puffins live in the Atlantic ocean.
They look like penguins,but they can't fly.
They've got two wings that used to fly,but in the water,are used as paddles.
They eat small fish like sand eels or herrings.
They can fly and catch fish.
They are able to stay underwaterfor 1 minute and dive 61 metres deep.
Puffins are speedy in the air.They flap their wings up 400 times a minute, reaching speeds for 88km/h, as fast as car on the highway.
Pairs of puffins often become mates of life.
Once puffin hatches, it takes about 50 days for it to bearn to fly and to be able to live on this own.
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