" My day" by Laura Fosado, 5C

I'm Laura and this is my daily routine:
I wake up at quarter past eight ,but I get up at half past eight. Later I get dressed .I always have breakfast at ten to nine .I wash my face and I make my bed. I comb my hair three times a day and I brush my teeth.Later I go to school with my sister. At nine o'clock,we start school lessons.We go home at two o'clock.
My mother prepares the meal and we eat it.Later I do my homework and study.I play with my friends in the afternoon.I have a bath at night.On Mondays and Tuesdays I go to the swimming pool.At six o'clock I have tea.I like watching " clan tv" in the afternoon and at night...Sometimes I play with the wii. Everyday I talk to my friends and family . I sleep at night because I´m very tired.Tomorrow is another day!.