"My day " by Guillermo , 5C

Hi, A Coruña!.
This is my daily routine.At eight o´clock I get up and then I get dressed. At ten past eight I have breakfast. At a quarter past eight I make my bed and then I brush my teeth and I wash my face. At a quarter to nine I go to school and then I start school lessons. At half past eleven I play football at the break-time.At two o´clock I go home and then I have lunch with my family. At half past three I do my homework and I relax for a while. At five o´clock I go to sport activities. At six o´clock I have tea. At eight o´clock I have a shower and then I have dinner. At nine o´clock I watch television.Before going to bed I brush my teeth. At a quarter to ten I go to bed and I´ve got sweet dreams.