"My daily routine" by Sarah M, 5 C

Hello classmates!! This is my daily routine,
I wake up at eight o'clock but I get up at ten past eight. Later, I have breakfast. I have orange juice, milk, and cereals or biscuits. Then, I brush my teeth and I get dressed at twenty five past eight. At five to nine I go to school by my mother´s car. In the school, I study and listen to the teachers. I go to the playground at half past eleven and, then I play with my friends. At four o'clock I go to my flat. Later, I do my homework and I have tea. On Wednesday, and on Friday I go to basketball classes. On Tuesday I go to the swimming pool. I go to swimming pool on Thursdays too. At the weekend, I go to my granny´s home. In the evening, I have a bath or a shower and I play with my sister. At nine o'clock I have dinner, brush my teeth and before going to the bed I put on my pyjama. Then, I go to my bed and I sleep.