The New Ride

Yes, at least I have one cool ride. Although the mini-van is very handy for transporting all my tri gear- I mean that's why I bought it right? Had nothing to do with my 3 kids :).

For those of you that know about bikes, you know exactly what I have and what an awesome upgrade it is for me. It is a Trek Madone 5.2. For those of you that don't know about bikes (you know, like me) I'll explain why it is so good. It is around 6-7 lbs ligher than my old aluminum frame one. Riding this bike up a climb reminds me of something Mateo said last summer, "A snail, it doesn't have legs, it just goes.". That's what this bike does. It just goes. It glides. I don't have to work! I just pedal and I'm up the hill. Amazing.

I know there are other awesome components to this bike that I don't understand (If you have questions, you can ask Mark or Glen. I'm sure they would be happy to elaborate). But for now, I'm in awe of its lighness and awesomeness. Bring on the triathlons!

I will leave you with a picture of how my house looked when I came back from one of my rides (photo at the top- can't seen to figure out how to get it to post at the bottom and not worth the effort). That's chocolate pudding all over Daniela's face. And Nico appears to be surfing the internet. Max is very supportive of my cycling, if not the best housekeeper :).