Nossa is a camp brazilian way of saying 'Oh my lord'.

On sunday Mara and I were tipped off about some amateur theatre in a small club above a francesinha restaurant.

Being curious creatures we followed wise old google maps to a sketchy looking doorway by the side of the river. We climbed a treacherous staircase and found at the summit....

A dark and stinky bar filled with old men.


We requested a hot chocolate and were laughed at. We then politely asked for a coffee and were also, quite rightly, laughed at.

Inquiring to as whether we could purchase a non alcoholic beverage, we were informed that passion fruit ice tea was sold on the premises.


The old men were puffing and swigging away when we noticed a youngish gentleman sitting on the windowsill.

Later Raul appeared and we watched the river whilst sneaky sea gulls on a nearby roof top spied on us.

The play turned out to be an hour long monologue about suicide.