Strange but true.

Soo far so good. Today is wednesday and I think (fingers crossed), that exam period is over.


This is a bit of an odd blog. Not having photographed anything in the last week or so (having spent it in, a. the library (an amazing source of freaks) or b. the hospital 24 hour study room (which is sick in the more traditional sense). I have had to resort to stealing nice pictures from the internet. So, here for your enjoyment, are a selection of aesthetic beauties, pictorial facts, nice things and just plain strange stuff I have assembled.

There is no particular theme for the following images...just the rambling nature of my brain and its 'ooh I like´mechanism:

1. God I love hideous fish.

2. An overwhelming sense of patriotism felt upon seeing Colin Firth.

3. Pikachu is a pop icon.

4. Ignore the photo on the left. 90s Gwen personified cool.

5. Rinko Kikuchi
I remember finding this picture in ID magazine 4 years ago and liking her style.
6. Mrs Jetson. What a babe.

7. Ink, squirrels, orange whats not to like?

8. A bit late, but still, what a charming rendition of the nativity scene.

9. I am having another tattoo temptation moment. Although I would never get something like this, you have to admit, Mo Coppoletta is a genius.

10. Why not.

11. I wish skiing involved more colourful blobs.

12. A trippy spin on classical beauty.
13. I wish I dressed like this.

14. An impressive use of pegs

15. A talented and amusing swede.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.