Its time for Bombarda.

The walk home, up and down some hills.
Fresh blue coração with Charlotte.

Terrible picture amazing memory. Here is a live jazz band accompanied by some russian dancing courtesy of Nono. I think this blurred mess captures the spirit of jazz.

Mara and Giulia being art appreciators.

A collage crocodile. Geil.

I love watching people's reactions to art, and sometimes, awful shit like this eyeless badger provide quality material for art criticism.

Little Andalucia upon seeing the creature: 'jeje, Hola Tio'.

I don't think the artist could hope for a better response!

An assortment of tat

A porcelain tart

Fortissima. This dame was possibly the greatest live performer I have ever seen. About half a minute into her first song she swung around to the guitarist and shouted, ' This won't do!! Get yourself in tune.'

She then turned her back on him and wouldn't sing until the audience started pleading.

I usually think the most adequate adjective for Fado (Portugal's traditional music) is 'painful', but last night was simply a fantastic display of diva-ness, improv and sweet, sweet music.

Maybe, just maybe, sou um fã.