Breakfast #33: Nutella Croissant French Toast

I am disinclined to start a new year with a list of resolutions. I lean more towards a general “all-year ideas and directions” than specific “New Year resolutions”. I know, I know, it’s simply a difference in timing. This may be just my silly self, but I feeling like I can never take the pressure of putting a definite list of goals (aspirations) out there. Like I am just setting myself up for the inevitable late-year scrambling to “lose-weight-get-organized-invest-wisely”. So I choose to quietly follow certain themes instead (for example – Simplify!) and I do this any time during the year, allowing for changes and adjustments along the way.

So why am I even contemplating a New Years to-do list on this sunny-but-cool, gloriously-slept-in, pajama-wearing January morning? A list that I am foolishly going to share here, online, for all the universe (including aliens bored enough to check out out internet) to see? Why indeed? I have no answer but this – It’s 2011 folks and anything can happen!

I still plan on my all-year-round ideas development. These are the directions that I hope will guide my actions after all. But here are a few humble ambitions*** that I hope to achieve this year:
  • It goes without saying but I will go right out and say it – post more often!
  • Make more breakfasts! I should be taking my blog’s name more seriously methinks…
  • Use more leftovers – I think I have been pretty good about this last year and, to carry on avoiding waste and saving resources, I will take this even further this year…sharing a few more tips and tricks on this blog :)
  • Explore new ways to share my love for food with more of you – I believe there are lots of people like me out there – regular yet fabulous people who strive everyday to strike a balance between home, work, and “me-time”. This year I hope to convince more of you that one doesn't need to be a knife-juggling/pastry-making credentialed expert to create deliciousness in the kitchen…and that you can have fun doing it too!
  • Use my cookbooks and magazines more often – I don’t own a whole lot of either. But I do think I should still justify their expense by using them more!
  • Give my blog a new/updated look – I changed my blog’s design last year…from one blogger template to another. This year I aim to give it a more non-template-ish look. At the very least a new header! I am not a techie person by a long shot so this will take some doing and most likely outside help (who will work for cookies and Britney Spears impersonations).
There you have it! Now on to the serious business of getting them done…

Nutella Croissant French Toast
  • 2 croissants or 4 mini-croissants (day old, dried, or otherwise not fit for fresh consumption)
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon butter

- Slice each croissant lengthwise.
- Best egg and milk together in a flattish bowl.
- Melt butter in a skillet. Place croissant slices in milk-egg mixture while butter melts, turning so all sides are coated in the mixture.
- Once the bubbles subside lay each croissant on the hot butter, cut side down. Fry until golden brown and crisp on the edges. Flip and fry until the other side is likewise golden and toasted. Remove to a paper towel-line plate.
- While the croissant is still hot spread a good dollop of Nutella on each croissant bottom. Top with the top-half of the croissant. Serves two.

Hooray! Good headway here on posting more breakfasts and using more leftovers I’d say. Aside from the obvious fact that January 2nd started on a very crisp-buttery-croissant-warm-oozy-Nutella note – one of the best ways to start any day of the year in my book.

As for exploring new ways to share food with all of you…check out Yummy Magazine’s 1st issue for 2011! I hope you like what you see :) It’s something I am very excited about!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a 2011 full of unlimited possibilities for awesomeness!!! And if we miss a few? Let’s just try to have a wonderful time trying shall we? ;)

***These are all food or blog related, if you haven’t noticed. Other personal ambitions (become more financially savvy, learn how to use my medical insurance, wear more make up) will remain personal for now :)