``This is CHRISTMAS´´ by Sara M. 5C

Hi, my dear friends!
Christmas is the biggest festival in Britain and in Spain . Every year in December we celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ.During the week before Christmas Day,we send cards, make the nativity scene and we decorate the Christmas trees.
The most important days are 24th, 25th and 26th. December 24th is called Christmas Eve. December 25th is called Christmas Day, and December 26th is called Boxing Day. We don´t celebrate Boxing Day.Christmas Day is the most important day of the Xmas festival. People have a special meal. Tradicional food are seafood, turkey, mince pice and Xmas pudding too.
In many homes there is a Christmas tree. The families decorate the Xmas tree with baubles, tinsels, lights and fairies. There is a star on the top of the Xmas tree. People decorate streets with lights at Christmas too.
There are many symbols of Xmas: angels, holly , snow, robins, stockings, candles, bells, crackers, carols, elves, and lanterns.