Crimbo Canções

I won't lie. I was not feeling remotely christmassy till approximately 2 hours ago.

Then I decided to make myself an xmas playlist and suddenly I was transported from Piri Piri Portugal to a winter wonderland.

What was this wondrous and wintery destination like?
Well, just how christmas ought to be...

Bells jingled, Noddy Holder screeched, Turkeys roasted and a ghostly wiff of ginger bread filled the air.

Short lived magic.

On realising Portuguese verbs were in need of conjugating I was rudely awakened from my christmas trance and dropped back into my icey, ram shackle bedroom. Reality. D'OH!
Here are some MASSIVE christmas tunez.

*Note the absence of Band Aid (the original). Although I love the song, on seeing Sting, Bono and Simon Lebon crowded around one microphone I felt slightly nauseated, and thought it would be best left listened to (without being seen).

1. 'Your as charming as an eel', with lines like that, I don't know why I don't listen to this all year long.

2. Guilty Xmas pleasure. Anyone for a baked potato?

3. Louis and Billie make Christmas cool.

4. It was a close draw between this and Mariah's 'All I want for Christmas'. Very close. Both songs make me feel undeniably christmassy, but this one just has something special...

This song has George.


...Your still not feeling Christmassy?? ¿¿Qué passa??
If the golden combination of the grinch+east 17 +Louis + Wham has failed to melt your icicle ridden heart, your only salvation is the she wolf christmas fairy....

¡Feliz Navidad!