Minha vida a montanha rusa...

What is this be-hatted tourist papping? What does he see? Hmmmm..
Japanese Warriors of course! Its Porto´s Japan week. Kawaii!!
After watching the warriors shooting (which is only impressive if you like really loud noises. To be honest, no soy un fan), I went to my favourite library. Ok, that is incredibly geeky, but it is pink and is surrounded by peacocks- whats not to like?! I then read for a solid TWENTY minutes, felt like my brain was going to crash, and decided I would amble around the Palacio's gardens snapping away at the statues. Productive-não, Pretty- sim, sim, sim.

All the gatos giros* wear chinese slippers.
*Gatos Giros= Cool Cats (one of my favourite ever cheesy phrases, often uttered by the legendary fresher crasher Adam Norwood. Respect Adam.)