Edible Art: Sweet Bed

The artist Brusse is all about love. Street art, installations, mixed media pieces all examining and exploring the subject of l-o-v-e. He's done a lot of interesting pieces over the years, but, personally, the piece that I can't get enough of his candy-inspired "Love Injection" bed. And I'm not even a romantic person! Actually, squash that. I am a romantic person. I'm just not attracted to romance in the traditional sense (i.e. candlelit dinners, boxes of chocolates, stuffed bears), but something about this makes me go awwww. Maybe it's the sugar. All I know is that I'd much prefer candy on my sheets than rose petals, although it would probably be a good idea to buy some cheap white sheets that you could toss (or use as rags) if they stained. To check out more of Brusse's love work, you can visit his Web site, right here.