O Porto. A shambolic beauty.

A selection of pictures, in no particular order, of sights I saw in the city of Porto.
Love birds in the Sunday bird market.
Cool, and questionable grafitti outside my future apartment.


A one eyed cat and some nice crockery.

Porto has a wonderful bridge. It isn't just pretty, it sort of looks like a huge metalic spider streching across the river. Impressive and also slightly sinister.

Porto is a jigsaw puzzle of the extremely beatiful mixed with the decrepid, and downright scruffy.
One of many blue tiled churches.

Raggedy buildings climbing the hillside.

Unfortunately, I didn't capture any decent photos of the awe inspiring shops and shop fronts in Porto, and believe me, they need to be done justice! One bookshop, aside from having the typically beautiful wooden shelves and ladders, also housed a series of spiriling staircases which twisted their way around the centre of the shop leading to a bridge from one bookshelf to another! ...And not only the bookshops are quaint and lovely, in Porto even skateboarding shops have extravagent barroque facades.

Some shops however, are madly creepy. Take this wedding dress shop.
The sign says, 'This is a refuge- You don't have fear'

I really wanted to get a portrait of the shop owner. He was just sat alone in his dusty, old shop surrounded by wigs. A very interesting character.

A beast dog.

Today I had breakfast in Madrid. I found a market, bought the largest peach I had ever seen, and...

enjoyed the view from my park bench.

Oh dear.