Losing the Spice of Life

I really like spicy foods. When I was kid, I used to get the "suicide" chicken wings at Elmwood Taco. Those of you from Buffalo know what I am talking about. You also know that no one in Buffalo calls chicken wings Buffalo wings, because there is only one kind of wing. A super hot one with lots of blue cheese dressing. Or what about a hot chicken finger sub smothered in blue cheese from Jim's Steak Out? But, I digress.

I don't just like hot stuff, I like things that have a lot of flavor. I like all kinds of ethnic spices too. Mexcian. India. Well, let's be honest, all food really.

So here's the problem. Although my family memebers have very spicy personalities, they have the blandest taste buds ever. I seem to have married the only hispanic man that does not like spicy food. Max's only complaint about my cooking is that "it's too spicy". How, I ask you, can something be too spicy? But Mateo and Nico have followed suite and declared that "this food has too much spice!"

I have tried to tone it down, for everyone's sake. But still find myself making things that are rejected due to "too much spice". Many times, I don't even realize that what I am preparing is too spicy until it is too late.

Here's an example. The other day, I made a meatloaf that had some mild enchilada sauce and chili powder in it. Nico took a bite, gagged, spit it out and said definatively, "No! Hot!".

Mateo replied, "It's okay, Nico. You can do it. You just have to eat it like this. Watch." He then proceded to show Nico how to take a miniscual bite of the meatloaf and immediately chase it with a huge slug of apple juice.

Ok, maybe that was a little to spicy. I guess even mild enchilada sauce can be spicy. And oh yeah, the chili powder. I see that now. But, they are getting older. When is one old enough for some spice? I mean what do people in Mexico feed their kids? I bet the 5 years olds there eat chile rellenos every day.

I may have to accept that my boys have inherited their father's bland taste buds. At this point, my only hope is Daniela. But if she also rejects my spicy food, I may be doomed to live a bland life...at least when it comes to food.