Not Just Mushed Carrots

I’ve been waiting for this moment since that monumental day we sat at my doctor's office and learned that we were going to be parents. When I would (finally) cook for my daughter. That’s not to say I wasn’t waiting with bated breath for all those smiles, and giggles, and toe chubs, and disappearing wrists --- oh yes, I waited, and subsequently relished, all those delicious bits.

But this, this doing what I love for someone I love, this was equally special.

Like a chef from a 4-star restaurant planning a degustation, I pored over menu choices, ingredients, and the order in which I would introduce new dishes. I debated sources and purveyors, methods and tools. I badgered our pediatrician with such vital questions such as “When can I introduce cumin?” and “Basil is considered greens right?”.

Finally the day was upon us…and with trumpets blaring and drums rolling I…

…went to the market, to my favorite organic farmer and bought several bright orange carrots, a quarter of a squash, and some sweet potatoes.

…steamed the cubed vegetables (separately), after a vigorous scrubbing and peeling, until they were soft.

…passed the yielding pieces through my little baby food mill.

…portioned the brightly colored purees to be tucked into the chiller and freezer.

Such excitement, indulge this first-time mum please :)

This may look like nothing but mashed carrots, but what it is really is the beginning of one little girl’s gastronomic journey. Hopefully the start of bigger, better, and more well-seasoned things!

This is what I’ve been up to these days…a different kind of cooking. Maybe I’ll share some recipes when the dishes develop into more exciting combinations. And perhaps you can share with me some of yours :) I’d love to know what you feed the little ones in your lives :)

p.s. yes that's a Moomin plate and glass! A gift to Little C from one of her aunts :)