Welcome to My Blog

So, lately I've been spending a lot time online since I've been under house arrest (AKA staying home all day with 3 kids under 5). In this time, I've been posting quite a bit on Facebook and other websites and decided I'm probably better off just starting a blog.

So, here are some things you will probably read about on this blog

1. The amusing, annoying, and/or insane things my children do.

2. My new obsession with completing triathlons, despite the fact that I'm slow and fat.

3. My general commentary on things that happen to me or are in the news (as in E news, people).

Be forewarned that I am not much of a writer. In fact, I'm pretty much of a nit-wit and nothing profound or of much worldy importance will be discussed here. Also, if I am anything, I am honest. So there will be no sugar coating here. Expect the uncensored version.

Ok, well, enjoy the blog. That's it for now as I have already been interrupted numerous times by my husband, children, and dog in the 10 minutes it took me to write this.