I may not know a lot about goalies, but I am certain they should be Keepers. That is, they should 'keep' the goal safe and they should be ridiculously good looking.
That is where England went so very wrong.
Spain on the other hand, has a rather good goal keeper. His name is Iker Casillas and he is known as 'The Saint'.

World cup adverts are epic, I think I may prefer them to actual matches. This one stars the simpsons, Gael Garcia Bernal (PLAYING CRISTIANO RONALDO..ahem, normal font restored), and Wayne Rooney playing an alarmingly convincing caravan dweller. Imenso.

A massive tune from a small and humble she wolf.

I leave you with David Villa. He may play for FC Barcelona (hiss, boo, etc), but he is fabulous. Enough said.